Samuel Morison, Project Officer - Land Restoration

Samuel Morison, Project Officer - Land Restoration


Bringing fresh perspectives and dedicated advocacy for wetlands and riparian zones..

 Samuel MorisonSamuel Morison, Project Officer - Land RestorationSamuel (Sam) Morison brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Healthy Land & Water team as a Project Officer specialising in land restoration.

With a background in ecological research and management, Sam's journey led him to serve as a Scientific Officer at two prominent field research stations – Heron Island and Hidden Vale. At the University of Queensland, he adeptly managed research activities and equipment in marine and terrestrial landscapes.

His expertise extends to conducting ecological surveys, overseeing research projects, and fostering stakeholder relationships. Sam's dedication to conservation is evident in his advocacy for terrestrial ecology, with a particular interest in amphibians and the preservation of wetland and riparian zones.

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