Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program

Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program


Partners in sustainable catchment management, protecting and restoring waterways to improve source water quality and primary production outcomes. 

Healthy Land & Water working with cattle farmersWorking with landholders for co-benefits.

Since 2019, we have been working alongside landholders to compound our water source protection efforts and improve land management practice in Logan-Albert, Warrill, and Upper Brisbane Catchments.

The Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program, funded by Seqwater and led by Healthy Land & Water, joins forces with landholders to tackle water quality risks within 5 km upstream from existing Water Treatment Plants (plus one planned) supplying potable water for Canungra, Rathdowney, Kooralbyn, Beaudesert, Kalbar, Boonah and Linville townships. ensuring clean drinking water for the region.


What we are doing

Mid Brisbane Partnerships ProgramRevegetation at one property.

The work aims to lower water quality risks by investing in fencing, off-stream livestock watering points, livestock laneway upgrades, erosion control, revegetating riverbanks, tackling invasive vine weeds and landholder education and awareness activities.

Overall benefits:

  • Protect land and riparian areas.
  • Demonstrate stewardship.
  • Agricultural practice improvement.
  • Financial and technical support.
  • Improving source water quality.


Measuring success

  • Improving land management practices and increasing the extent and quality of natural riparian vegetation on these reaches.
  • Reduced sediment and pathogen inputs entering waterways and improved quality and reduced risk to source water quality.
  • What is remarkable about this project is the support and active participation of landholders, without whom we would not have achieved the positive outcomes we’ve experienced since the program began!

 Multi catchment 2024 photo 1 cows and waterpointWaterpoints to improve agricultural practices and water quality.

Why this project is important

This project is important as it reduces sediment and pathogen loads entering waterways, improving stream water quality in several communities.

This initiative is focused on protecting our precious water sources; it's also about on-ground collaboration with landholders and land managers to foster a sustainable and resilient future for the Logan-Albert, Warrill, and Upper Brisbane Catchments and their ecosystems.


Project snapshot

Project name: Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program
Project manager: Natalie Hillcoat, Healthy Land & Water

Logan, Warril, Upper Brisbane

Timing: 2019 - 2026
Budget: $3.720 million
Partnerships: This program is delivered in partnership with Seqwater.
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What's next

This project is underway until 2026.


Project collaborators

This habitat rehabilitation program forms part of a broader strategy that Seqwater has developed to ensure the capacity for potable water production for a growing South East Queensland population. Scenic Rim Regional Council is a key collaborator, and this partnership creates valuable opportunities to co-deliver and pool resources for greater positive impacts on the environment and the community.

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