Innovative pathways that deliver positive environmental benefits

Delivering an environment for future generations to thrive


Our priorities

Directing the investment into South East Queensland's environmental future

Directing the investment into South East Queensland's environmental future


Green Games 2032 | With our partners we are shaping and delivering strategies towards a more sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games.

ENVestor | Underpinned by our region's environmental plan, we are developing a go-to platform for informed investment to bolster and improve environmental works in South East Queensland. 

Delivering transformative environmental + community change

Delivering transformative environmental + community change


Go-to voice | Advocating for the environment and championing evidence-based investment to support liveability in South East Queensland.

Creating value | Connecting people with targeted, innovative and impactful on-ground works programs that improve the environment.

Sought out | We are independent and trusted partners, bringing environmental credibility to those who collaborate with us to achieve impactful outcomes for our region.   

Creating connections between people, place + culture

Creating connections between people, place + culture


Stakeholders | Our strength is achieved by bringing strong multi-faceted partnerships together. We have meaningful relationships with First Nations and our staff are innovation leaders in natural resource management.

Power partners | We have an ever growing network of power partners who amplify the influence of our network and who advocate and co-invest. 

Our values


What we are known for

Some of our defining strengths as we lead the change that will deliver a future environment for future generations to thrive


Decisions based on extensive knowledge, science & evidence

  • We have 20+ years of monitoring data across our region at our fingertips. This puts an enormous amount of evidence-based information in the hands of the region’s decision makers.
  • Whether its GIS, spatial planning data, drone technology, monitoring, clever models to test scenarios for catchment management, or good old fashioned monitoring and modelling, we've stacked our team with expertise to see what the region could look like under different scenarios.
  • This is more essential than ever to juggle population growth as people flock to our beautiful, biodiverse region and the extremes that we will be increasingly be faced with as a result of climate change.
  • Our extensive knowledge, science & evidence gives us an enviable great roadmap for investment and action into the right places - and guiding where to channel more resources and investment to achieve the best bang for buck for our region.

Delivery through collaborative partnerships fostered over 25+ years

  • One of one of our biggest strengths is our ability to bring together multi-facited collaborations to get things done.
  • We have a large network and are well-known for connecting synergistic partnerships of people and groups to tackle whatever issue we are facing.
  • The partnerships we bring together are tailored to the project, often including mix of community groups, industry, government, first nations peoples, researchers and influencers in the field.
  • This co-creation model helps us to amplify the impact of results through synergistic partnerships.

An approach which is creative, flexible + adaptable

  • Our point of difference goes beyond the wealth of data and getting the right people in the room. 
  • Our approach is our defining strength in building connective initiatives which deliver real on-ground results. It helps us purpose create innovative pathways that deliver positive environmental benefits.

Keeping it real

While we are all about the long-term protection of our beautiful and biodiverse region, it's useful to set some shorter term aspirations to give us achievable targets to work towards


How do we make sure beautiful and biodiverse South East Queensland is 'green' olympics ready?

How do we channel investment into the right places to ensure we bolster our environs and liveability and have a real legacy after the games have been held? 

  • Using the community of SEQ's environment plan (which goes up to 2031, just before the games start) is a great way to guide region-wide action. 
  • The plan includes targets to accelerate real progress towards our environment and liveability aspirations for our region. We are measuring our progress towards those targets to see where more action, and investment, is needed.
  • We believe that if we work together with a good plan and funding, by 2032 we will be able to showcase SEQ as world leader in resilient, sustainable, liveable region-making
  • When the eyes of the world are upon south east Queensland, there will be a unique opportunity to showcase how sustainability and resilience to disasters and climate change can be the centrepieces of making a region a great place to live, work, visit and play.


SEQ olympics announced: 2022       To be held: 2032


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