Thiago Ferreira, Executive Manager - Delivery

Thiago Ferreira, Executive Manager - Delivery


Leading organisational growth through innovating business systems that increase transparency and ease the administration for project managers and scientists.

Thiago FerreiraThiago Ferreira, Executive Manager - DeliveryThiago oversees all project operations, transforming and streamlining our processes through innovative problem-solving.

Thiago is the Executive Manager of the Delivery function for Healthy Land & Water, helming the 4 operations teams within this organisation. He comes with experience as a business consultant and strategist with a deep understanding of business and operations improvement, growth strategy, and leadership.

He’s passionate about all things operations and streamlining processes, which allows our executive to improve Healthy Land & Water’s growth strategy and leadership development within the company.

Thiago provides valuable strategies and tools that help us improve business and ecological outcomes, be more creative and live happier, and lead more effective on-ground projects.

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