Dr Samantha Lloyd, Principal Scientist - On sabbatical

Dr Samantha Lloyd, Principal Scientist - On sabbatical


Sharing her passion for fire ecology and sustainable land management with Queensland.

Samantha LloydDr Samantha Lloyd, Principal Scientist - Fire EcologyDr Samantha Lloyd is a Principal Scientist - Fire Ecology with Healthy Land and Water. She is currently on sabbatical, due to return in mid-2024.

Dr Lloyd has 20 years of experience in research and environmental management with a focus on ecology, entomology, bushfires, disaster recovery, and natural resource management. She Joined Healthy Land & Water in 2010.

She is also a keen science communicator and has worked on many projects from the perspective of community engagement, fire literacy and education, and stakeholder representation.

In her free time, Sam is a science and nature reviewer for Children’s Books Daily and has recently published her first children’s science book with CSIRO Publishing called Alight: A Story of Fire and Nature

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Sam's working days:

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