Marc Leman, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable Agriculture

Marc Leman, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable Agriculture


Building drought resilience in South East Queensland through projects focused on grazing pasture restoration and management.

Marc LemanMarc Leman, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable AgricultureMarc uses his extensive understanding of agricultural stressors and drought resilience practices to create sensible and actionable solutions.

Marc Leman is a Senior Scientist and is delivering the Building Drought Resilience program being rolled out by Healthy Land & Water across the region. He works within our Land Restoration team.

With over 30 years of experience in the agriculture sector, Marc brings a wealth of experience and on-ground knowledge to the team.

He has previously worked with the Lockyer Valley Regional Council as the local Drought Support Officer.

Marc spent 16 years as an agronomist specialising in pasture and broadacre cropping in central west New South Wales before relocating to South East Queensland. He is based in the Toowoomba region for 25 years and counting.


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