Jaime Kruusmaa, Senior Scientist - Fire Ecology Climate Adaptation

Jaime Kruusmaa, Senior Scientist - Fire Ecology Climate Adaptation


Leveraging the collective power of community to protect and preserve South East Queensland ecology.

Jaime KruusmaaJaime Kruusmaa, Senior Scientist – Fire Ecology - Climate AdaptationJaime is passionate about community change and working with stakeholders to achieve a holistic approach to conservation and environmental outcomes in a fire-prone country.

Jaime Kruusmaa is a dedicated scientist specializing in fire ecology within our Climate Adaptation team. With over a decade of experience in the environmental and science communication sector, Jaime brings her passion and expertise to a wide range of fields, from fire management to community engagement and threatened species monitoring. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation Management, along with a Master's in Social Change and Development, Jaime is a versatile professional.

In her current role, Jaime works closely with communities and organisations in South West Queensland and provides essential support to the Consortium's team. She is a project organization expert, adept at fostering strong relationships and engaging with stakeholders. Jaime is a skillful communicator who actively involves communities in crafting effective fire preparedness plans.

Jaime's work empowers communities for proactive fire management, ensuring tailored programs and simplified scientific insights. Her dedication and expertise are invaluable assets to the Healthy Land & Water team, creating real lasting change in the communities she can help.

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