Hayley Shields, Cultural Heritage Officer

Hayley Shields, Cultural Heritage Officer


Building connections and fostering collaboration with First Nations Peoples who have taken care of this land we work on for tens of thousnads of years. 

Hayley ShieldsHayley Shields, Cultural Heritage OfficerHayley Shields is our Cultural Heritage Officer at Healthy Land & Water. Hayley's role is pivotal in ensuring our compliance with heritage legislation and policy requirements throughout South East Queensland for all on-ground projects.

With a deep commitment to cultural preservation, Hayley fosters collaboration and engagement among a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders. Her responsibilities encompass building and maintaining networks with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organizations. Hayley's work facilitates engagement and meaningful delivery with First Nations people throughout the entire lifecycle of our projects.

Hayley's role guides our company's direction in honouring and respecting the rich cultural heritage of the lands we work on. Her dedication to building bridges between HLW and First Nations communities plays a crucial role in our commitment to responsible and culturally sensitive environmental stewardship.

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