Hannah Etchells, Senior Scientist - Fire Ecology

Hannah Etchells, Senior Scientist - Fire Ecology


Downloading years of fire ecology knowledge by leading the State Training Program.

Hannah EtchellsHannah Etchells, Senior Scientist - Fire EcologyHannah is passionate about engaging everyone - from politicians to school kids to farmers to scientists - with ecology, fire science, and why understanding the environment we live in is critical to our wellbeing.

Hannah is a senior scientist and fire ecologist at Healthy Land & Water. She comes armed with a background in domestic and international wildfire research, prescribed fire, and community outreach and education.

Hannah's primary role is to run the State Training Program for the Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium, overseeing fire management workshop planning and delivery for stakeholders and rural landholders.

On top of all of her impressive experience, Hannah is a Fulbright scholar and passionate science communicator, whose research focuses on ecological recovery after large-scale megafires.


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