Dr Iris (Wing) Tsoi, Assistant Team Lead – State of the Environment

Dr Iris (Wing) Tsoi, Assistant Team Lead – State of the Environment


Sharing her expertise in how ecosystem processes and biological patterns react to environmental pressures in freshwater.

Iris TsoiDr Wing (Iris) Tsoi, Assistant Team Lead – State of the Environment - Knowledge Research teamIris found her passion in observing how food webs interact within environs that experience ongoing change.

In her role as Assistant Team Lead – State of the Environment at Healthy Land & Water, Dr Iris (Wing) Tsoi monitors waterway condition in South East Queensland and is involved in developing the annual Healthy Land and Water Report Card.

Dr Tsoi has 15 years of experience in aquatic ecosystem health. She has been responsible for various aquatic monitoring and research projects across South East Queensland and the Murray Darling Basin. Dr Tsoi specialises in the design and assessment of mechanisms that drive responses of water quality, ecosystem processes, and biological patterns to different environmental pressures.

In 2014, Dr Tsoi completed her PhD in Freshwater Science and also maintains a research portfolio focusing on food webs, zooplankton, and macroinvertebrates in freshwater ecosystems.

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