Dr Diana Partridge, Assistant Team Lead – Fire Ecology

Dr Diana Partridge, Assistant Team Lead – Fire Ecology


Assitant Team Leading the Fire Ecology team and overseeing on-ground workshops and works, furthering South East Queensland's fire readiness.

Diana Dr VirkkiDr Diana Partridge, Assistant Team Lead – Fire EcologyDr Diana Partridge (nee Virkki) is an Assistant Team Lead in Healthy Land & Water’s Climate Adaptation team, helming the Fire Ecology arm. Diana provides technical expertise in the fields of bushfire management and mitigation, fire ecology, and strategic landscape and community resilience.

Diana primarily supports Healthy Land & Water’s Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium, as well as across the broader Healthy Land & Water team. With almost a decade of experience working with a range of clients in the public and private sectors, Diana is an expert at providing tailored, best-practice outcomes that promote ecological and cultural values for resilient landscapes and communities.

Diana strongly believes in holistic and sustainable outcomes for the landscape and enjoys working with all stakeholders to achieve that goal across Queensland. Diana’s background is in wildlife ecology, with a specialty in fire management. Her PhD provided a foundation of understanding on contemporary fire regimes and their effects on flora, fauna, and habitat structural features in open eucalypt forests in South East Queensland.

Key initiatives

  • Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium
  • Township Fire Management Strategy – Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation
  • Black Summer Bushfire Recovery
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