Davi Guimaraes, Scientist - Knowledge Research

Davi Guimaraes, Scientist - Knowledge Research


Providing information and analysis to assist us in improving our environment and community

Davi GuimaraesDavi Guimaraes, Scientist - Knowledge Research

Davi is a scientist on the Knowledge Research Team, bringing a robust background in mathematics and systematic thinking to the table. His primary focus is on environmental data management, employing information analysis and data visualization techniques to support decision-making and enhance project execution.

As an engineer, Davi has expertise in GIS mapping, information analysis, modelling, and reporting. He collaborates with the team to define technical needs, set targets, and develop actions that strengthen ongoing projects.

His academic foundation includes a degree in environmental engineering, supporting his role as both a researcher and an environmental consultant. This dual perspective affords him a comprehensive approach to both problem-solving and project development.

Davi's aspirations align with his professional endeavours, aiming to provide vital information and thorough analysis that contribute to the betterment of our natural environment and community.


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