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Vanessa Smolders, Assistant Team Lead – Sustainable Agriculture

Vanessa Smolders, Assistant Team Lead – Sustainable Agriculture


Working closely with rural and suburban stakeholders to achieve sustainability outcomes together.

Vanessa SmoldersVanessa Smolders, Assistant Team Lead – Sustainable AgricultureVanessa has over 20 years of experience in grazing and rangelands. She has also worked in dryland cropping and horticulture. She works within our Land Restoration team.

Her role is to support sustainable agricultural initiatives in her RALF role as well as working on sustainable agricultural projects throughout the SEQ catchment.

She brings experience with working with landholders to implement sustainable grazing practices that benefit the land, the stock, the landholder, and the waterways

Vanessa is passionate about supporting farmers & graziers in South East Queensland in achieving sustainability outcomes.

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