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Expert knowledge. Enviable partnerships.

What we do expertise in science and research

Science +

 We are experts in research, monitoring, data analysis & designing enviro-solutions. 

We help people understand the condition and threats to our environs so we can ensure the sustainable use of our natural environment long into the future.

What we do expertise in training capacity building and empowering people and communities to take action

Training +
capacity building

 Tailored training and development workshops, awareness-raising campaigns and capacity building. 

We educate and empower people and communities on the best ways to improve and protect the environment for future generations to thrive.

What we do informing policy and investment

Informing policy + investment

 Driving and influencing decisions, policy and actions to improve the environment. 

We have 23+ years of data and expertise which is used by governments setting policy, communities deciding action, and corporate investors seeking genuine sustainable investment options alike.

Expertise in collaboration and bringing together synergistic co collaboration partnerships

Collaboration +
People power

 Bringing together partnerships to co-create and leverage outcomes utilising insights and experiences. 

We are known for our enviable and growing networks that underpin our ability to work in partnership with Traditional Owners, government, private industry, utilities and the community.

What we do expertise in onground action and projects

Onground action

 Targeted, innovative and impactful on-ground works that improve the environment 

We have led many thousands of projects to restore waterways and landscapes, improve native habitats, manage weeds, protect native species and improve the sustainability and liveability of built enviros & urban areas.

An integrated approach 

We are focussed on coming up with new ways to integrate and communicate our work.

To stay ahead of the curve in changing times, we take an integrated approach, recognising that as the ecosystem is always adapting to pressures and change, so must we.

We take an adaptive management approach, recognising that management actions create opportunities to learn and improve. The adaptive management cycle is a structured, continual process that provides a basis for robust decision-making in the face of uncertainty through the use of monitoring and learning feedbacks.

Adaptive management improves long-term management outcomes, but it is important for decision makers dealing with urgent problems to find the correct balance between gaining knowledge to improve management in the future and achieving the best short-term and long-term outcomes based on current knowledge.

For South East Queensland, some of the tools we use:

  • Vision: Shaping SEQ
  • Priorities: South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan
  • Actions: Our projects & advice
  • Is it working: Report Card & analytics
  • Can we do it better:  ENVestor (the next-gen 'Future Card' which integrates the elements together - continuous improvement


Our work in protecting and improving the environment spans the many connected things making up a healthy region's ecosystem.


Healthy Land

The condition, area and extent of arable and grazing lands are important for the supply of food, fi bre and other materials to support the society and economy of the region.


Local landscapes

The quality of life enjoyed by people in the region is supported by access to, and connection with, the unique landscapes of the region. These regional landscapes help to defi ne the region’s character and people’s sense of belonging.


Sustainable urban design

Creating relationships between the natural environment, urban form and structure, economic and institutional processes, and social livelihood. Includes a sought erosion and sediment control program.


Healthy Water

Water resources and riparian areas provide ecosystem services and clean water for human consumption, environmental flows, and recreation, agricultural and industrial use.


Coastal & marine

People of the region are privileged to live near one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The natural resources of coastal areas and marine waters are vital to our way of life and are the basis for a valuable international and domestic tourism industry along with commercial and recreational fishing.


Air & atmosphere

Atmosphere, air and climate are natural resources that play a key role in the health of the natural system. Factors such as continued population growth, the number of households and an increasing reliance on motor vehicles pose a threat to future air quality. Maintaining and enhancing the region’s air quality is a key element when considering future land-use options and transport modifications.


Nature conservation

The region has one of the richest diversities of animal and plant species in Australia distributed across a wide range of vegetation types and environments. The provision of all ecosystem services relies on supporting these habitats.



Private landholders manage the majority of the region. A priority is to enhance and maintain the capacity and ability of the community to engage in planning, implementation and monitoring of local actions to achieve regional targets.


First Nations

Recognition of traditional owners as natural resource managers is one of the guiding principles of the SEQ NRM Plan. Traditional owner knowledge and values maintained the region for millennia. A key activity will be to achieve active involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in community planning and decision making.

We are protecting one of Australia's most desirable & fastest growing regions.


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